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Updated 12 June 2024. | News & Events 09 June 2024.

Featured for June 2024


Les Whaley took this photo of a model of a Surveyor spacecraft at DSS42 Tidbinbilla in 1966.
In the background is the Surveyor Command Console.

See the Surveyor section here.

Image from the 2024 Honeysuckle and NASA Networks (unofficial) Calendar on my personal website.

Caranarvon Tracking Station opened 60 years ago – on 25 June 1964.

Here is some footage taken in March 1965. On Vimeo.

More on Carnarvon further below.


And a short excerpt from Apollo 8’s last television transmission on the way home. On Vimeo.

Sydney Video

Elmer Fredd
TV engineer who helped us see the Moon up close.

in the Space People section.

The Aurora Australis put on a stunning display on 11 May 2024.
And more here.

See the website of the late Australian physicist Dr. Brian J. O’Brien to learn how he helped unlock the mystery of the Aurora.

Cooby Creek was the Australian Earth Station for Our World – the first global television programme – on 26 June 1967.

In this 2010 interview recorded for honeysucklecreek.net, founder of the ABC’s Science Unit, Dr. Peter Pockley (1935–2013), spoke about the Australian contribution to Our World.

Direct link to Vimeo.

More about Our World in the Cooby Creek section.

Carnarvon opening

Hamish Lindsay shot this 8mm footage of the construction of Carnarvon in 1963 and the opening on 25 June 1964.

Carnarvon opening

Carnarvon dedicated – Goddard feature.

Click the image for a 5.5MB PDF file.


The Manned Space Flight Network 61 years ago:

First Gemini Acq Aid system to be shipped to Carnarvon
MSFN Technical Information Bulletin, June 28, 1963.

Click the image for a 5.8MB PDF file.

See Previous featured items at this link.
(Newest at the bottom.)

Also see some related (and some unrelated!) video at vimeo.com/honeysuckle.

Some of them are collected here.

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Message from Christopher Kraft, 14 March 1974, on the occasion of Honeysuckle leaving the Manned Space Flight Network.

Honeysuckle featured photo
Honeysuckle featured photo

Honeysuckle Creek
The story of Tom Reid, a little dish, and Neil Armstrong’s First Step
– by Andrew Tink, 2019.

Click for more about the book.

Royal Australian Mint Moon Landing Coins commemorate the Moon landing. 2019.

Click for more about the coins.

Honeysuckle in 1971

Neil Armstrong on the footpad – as seen at Honeysuckle Creek

Honeysuckle Creek:
a beautiful setting

Website by Colin Mackellar – photo taken 09 October 1971.

Prime Minister Gorton’s statement
Prime Minister Gorton’s statement

Australian Prime Minister John Gorton visits Honeysuckle Creek on the day of the Moon Landing, Monday 21 July 1969. Silent film (14MB MPEG4 file).

The Prime Minister after his tour inside Honeysuckle’s Operations building. Unedited news film runs for 5'14". A 21MB MPEG4 file.

Both clips courtesy of the ABC. See more of the Prime Minister’s visit here.

One Small Step: The Australian Story


Watch “One Small Step: The Australian Story”, produced by Freehand TV in Sydney for the BBC, for the 40th anniversary in 2009.
This is a unique account of Australia’s role, and features key players from Honeysuckle Creek, Tidbinbilla and Parkes. Recommended.

(If you’ve seen the much-loved Australian comedy “The Dish”,
watch this to discover what actually happened.)

The Honeysuckle antenna today

Honeysuckle featured photoThe old Honeysuckle antenna was used for its last official track in January 2010.

DSS46 photos.

And here’s a tribute page of photos on the occasion of the shutdown.

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