A ‘Penguin’ for TV from the Moon

Here’s a little-known recognition for the Apollo 11 lunar telecasts –

In recognising the technical triumph of receiving live television from the Moon, in 1970 (?) the Television Society of Australia presented this special award to the Australian Department of Supply.

(The Department of Supply operated NASA’s assets in Australia on behalf of the space agency, and also co-ordinated Australian support for Apollo.)

The trophy, apparently depicting an ear listening to a television set, looks a lot more like a penguin, hence the nickname. This Penguin trophy is in the CDSCC archives at Tidbinbilla.

Penguin Award

The Penguin Award for Apollo 11 lunar television. Large, Larger.

Penguin Award

Here’s a closeup of the text.

Photos: Colin Mackellar, February 2012. With thanks to Glen Nagle, CDSCC.


Does anyone have any more info on when and where this was presented, or who received it on behalf of Supply? Contact.

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