The post-Apollo 11 Honeysuckle Creek Staff Photo

(Part of) the team who brought you Neil Armstrong’s first step –

Staff photo

Most of the staff of Honeysuckle Creek
taken on Monday July 28, 1969 – after the splashdown of Apollo 11 – by Hamish Lindsay.

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detail of 1969 photo

Here’s a wonderful high resolution scan of the staff photo.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay.
Scanned by Ken Sheridan. Enhanced: Colin Mackellar.

Large, Very large (1.5MB).

HSK staff 1969 colour photo

Most of the staff of Honeysuckle Creek

This colour photo by Hamish Lindsay has not been seen until recently (April 2004).

Scan by Hamish Lindsay.



with John Saxon added in

And one more...

This one has John Saxon “included” – he missed out on being there for the actual photo. (Digital mischief by Mike Dinn.)