The post-Apollo 11 Honeysuckle Creek Staff Photo

Most of the team who brought you Neil Armstrong’s first step –

Staff photo

Most of the staff of Honeysuckle Creek
taken after the conclusion of the Apollo 11 mission – by Hamish Lindsay.

Click to see a larger version, with names, in a new window.

detail of 1969 photo

Here’s a wonderful high resolution scan of the staff photo.

Photo by Hamish Lindsay. Scan by Ken Sheridan.

Large, Larger.

HSK staff 1969 colour photo

Most of the staff of Honeysuckle Creek

Colour transparency by Hamish Lindsay.

Another post-Apollo 11 photo of the Honeysuckle team

HSK staff 1969 photo

Unlike the ‘classic’ photo at the top of the page, this one includes the entire Honeysuckle antenna.

It didn’t become the official photo because not everyone is looking at the camera, and it isn’t quite as sharp.

The perspective from closer to the Ops Building gives better vertical separation of the team members.

To preserve detail in the antenna, the foreground is a little dark in this scan. See the detail below for a brightened image.

Photo by Hamish Lindsay. Scanned from the Linhof Super Technika 4x5 inch negative by Colin Mackellar. Higher resolutions available.

HSK staff 1969 photo

Detail from the above full frame.

Large, Larger (3200dpi scan).

Hopefully we can add names to this photo.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay. Scan and retouching: Colin Mackellar.



with John Saxon added in

And one more...

This one has John Saxon “included” – he missed out on being there for the actual photo. (Digital manipulation by Mike Dinn.)