The Manned Space Flight Network

Technical Information Bulletins


The MSFN published regular internal newsletters “for Network Personnel Only”.
These two page bulletins gave an excellent snapshot of what was happening in the MSFN.

Unless otherwise noted,

the Mercury and Gemini era TIBs
were preserved by John Lambie (Muchea and Carnarvon),
and were scanned and converted to PDF by Colin Mackellar,

and the Apollo era TIBs below were preserved by Richard Nafzger at Goddard,
and were scanned and converted to PDF by Bill Wood.

Does anyone else have copies not represented here? Contact.

(Higher quality versions of many of these are available.)


Volume 1, Number 1,
March 8 1963.

The very first issue of the TIB, with details of Gordon Cooper’s upcoming MA-9 flight.
Training Center Renovating for Gemini.

4.2MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 2,
March 22 1963.

Preview of Gemini Instrumentation Plan,
The Manned Space Flight Support Division.

3.6MB PDF.


Volume 1, Number 3,
April 5 1963.

‘News’ Tracking Display for MA-9, Radar Ships for MA-9, HF Vertical Antenna test, Verlort Antennas being replaced.

3.6MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 4,
April 19 1963.

Scientific Benefits Possible From MA-9,
MA-9 BDA & CAL TLM Data to be
Remoted to MCC.



Volume 1, Number 5,
May 3 1963.

Recovery Operations for MA-9 Under Way.

3.7MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 6,
May 17 1963.

Digital Command to be Delivered.

3.4MB PDF.


Volume 1, Number 7,
May 31 1963.

Gemini Acquisition System now beng produced, MA-9 Debriefing.

3.8MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 8,



Volume 1, Number 9,
June 28 1963.

First Gemini Acquisition Aid System Completed.

5.3MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 10,



Volume 1, Number 11,
July 26 1963.

Carnarvon gets FPQ-6 Radar.

5.4MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 12,
August 9 1963.

SCAMA Network.

4.2MB PDF.


Volume 1, Number 13,
August 16 1963.

Typo: Dated August 6.
Command Stations to have 10kW capability.

4.5MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 14,
August 23 1963.

Edition mis-numbered as 13.
CRO Equipment enroute from Baltimore.
Gemini Equipment extensive testing.

4.5MB PDF.


Volume 1, Number 15,
September 20 1963.

Network to support Saturn SA-5 test.
M&O Console to replace M&O Desk.

4.2MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 16,
October 4 1963.

New display consoles to support Gemini.
Final Mercury Conference Held.

4.6MB PDF.


Volume 1, Number 17,
October 18 1963.

Introducing the Integrated Mission Control Center in Houston.
Cable replacing Sydney-Hawaii Radio link

4.8MB PDF.

Volume 1, Number 18,
November 1 1963.

Goddard Computing Center.
WWV, ‘Big Ben’ of Network.
SCAMA 304 switchboard features built-in ashtrays.

4.7MB PDF.

more to come soon


Volume 3, Number 1,
January 8 1965.

PCM Telemetry,
Console RO Paper Feed Problem,
Engineering Instructions issued.

more to come.


Apollo era


Volume 5, Number 4,
February 15 1968.

Lunar Module Passes First Test.
Five Landing Sites on Moon Selected.
Ships Status.
ANT and GBM photos.

Volume 5, Number 7,
April 1 1968.

Apollo Wings Join Network.
Station Directors to meet this month.
Mercury to support AS-502.


Volume 5, Number 17,
September 3 1968.

Apollo Ship Central Data Processor.
Ship Support for AS-205 Mission.
Changes Announced For Apollo Program.
Contract Awarded to TRW.

Volume 5, Number 21,
November 1 1968.

Network Gives Good Performance AS-205.
Corrosion Study Prepared For MSFN.
Watertown Released From Apollo Support.
Change to NOD.


Volume 6, Number 4,
March 20 1969.

Two Experiments In EASEP Package.
CVI, NST, NTTF Join In Success.
New M&O at Madrid.
Bermuda – Critical Point In Network.
Two 210-Foot Antennas Planned.

Volume 6, Number 8,
June 5 1969.

Australian Stations Since Project Mercury.
Parkes Antenna Will Support AS-506.
Clock Monitor Implemented.
A5-506 Now on Pad.


Volume 6, Number 10,
June 25 1969.

First Man On Moon – July 21 at 2:17am.
Index To NOD To Be Published.
Grand Canary in MSFN from Beginning.
John Cook and Alva E. Smith mourned.
Network Training Schedule.

Volume 6, Number 11,
July 20 1969.

Apollo 11 Mission a Success.
Honeysuckle Creek Engineer Develops 642B Utility Package.
Mariners 6 & 7 nearing Mars.
Ascension Vital To Lunar Mission.

Preserved by Bryan Sullivan,
scanned by Colin Mackellar.

2.7MB PDF.


Volume 8, Number 8,
June 17 1971.

Tidbinbilla completing giant DSN Antenna.
Honeysuckle Isolated by Cave-in.
Guam Laser Facility.
Apollo 15 will use Electric Drill.

Preserved by Les Whaley,
scanned by Colin Mackellar

700kb PDF.

More to come.