Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station

Part of the Manned Space Flight Network 1967 – 1974
Part of the Deep Space Network 1974 – 1981

A Tribute to the men and women of Honeysuckle Creek

HSK staff 1969 colour photo

Most of the staff of Honeysuckle Creek in July 1969.
(More on the post-Apollo 11 photo here.)
Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

The aim of this website is to bring together information about the Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station (abbreviated as HSK) – a vital part of NASA’s tracking network – in appreciation of those who worked there as part of mankind’s great adventure in space.

I hope that this site might evolve as more Honeysuckle material comes to light. If you know of any other information you think should be linked, or if you have something that could be included here, please contact me (see About). It would be greatly appreciated!

Doubtless you will find many “holes” in the site – which we hope will be filled in good time.

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Colin Mackellar, Sydney, Australia

Site started: 14 December 2003. (Still going in 2024!)


Once started, many have very kindly sent me photos and information about other tracking stations – MSFN, DSN and STADAN. Indeed, many Honeysuckle people also worked at other stations, both before and after Apollo. It’s a privilege to able to include this as well.

Honeysuckle crest

The Honeysuckle crest, using NASA’s Apollo Program logo,
was produced in the early days of the operation of the station.
With thanks to Hamish Lindsay.

(2009: Updated logo, by Colin Mackellar, here.)