Pre-Apollo 11 media



In the lead up to the Apollo 11 mission, there was tremendous interest in the roles to be played by the Australian tracking stations.

Here are some of the photos takenat Honeysuckle Creek.

In order to minimise disruption to operations at the station, Mike Dinn suggested to Station Director Tom Reid that a “Media Day” be held, and that any interested media could take photos that day.

Many of the photos below appear to have been taken then – most by the Australian Information Service, though some were likely taken by Hamish Lindsay for distribution to the media. The Media Day seems to have been Friday 11 July 1969, just five days before the Apollo 11 launch.


Media interest

Honeysuckle Creek Deputy Director Ian Grant was photographed at the station in the run up to Apollo 11.

Photo courtesy Ian Grant.

Media interest

Here's the text on the back of the photo.


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