CBS News visit to Goldstone
before the Apollo 11 Mission


Bill WoodBill Wood took the photographs in this section on July 4, 1969, during a visit by Walter Cronkite and his CBS News film crew to the Goldstone area in preparation for the Apollo 11 flight to the Moon.

At the time Mr. Wood was assigned to the NASA Manned Space Flight Network Apollo tracking station at Goldstone, California as a Unified S-band Lead Engineer. Since his hobby was photography the NASA Station Director, George Farris, asked him to shoot a few pictures of the CBS crew’s visit.

Mr. Wood used two Nikon F, 35-mm single-lens reflex, cameras. One was loaded with Kodak Plus-X black and white film while the second used Kodak Ektacolor S color negative film. A number of different lenses were used, from 28 mm to a 500-mm telephoto.

Copies of the black and white photographs were provided to Goddard Space Flight Center and Bendix Field Engineering for use in their respective employees’ newsletters in 1969. At the same time black and white copies were provided to Ron Bonn, the producer who worked with Walter Cronkite and the CBS News crew during the Goldstone visit.

As part of a personal project to convert his photographic archive to digital images, Mr. Wood recently scanned the original black & white and color negatives from 1969. He used a high resolution Kodak RFS 3570 professional film scanner. Each of the images here was derived from 2048 by 3072 pixel, 36 bit color originals, each some 18 megabytes in size.

Each image was processed by Adobe Photoshop version 4.0 on a Gateway2000 G6-200XL Pentium Pro workstation running Windows 95. The color images were carefully adjusted for color balance and dynamic range. Both color and black and white images were digitally retouched to remove pinholes and other artifacts before saving each image on a hard disk in a 24 bit JPEG high resolution format. The high-resolution color images (available on request) are about 3 to 4 MB in size while the low-resolution copies run about 600 KB in size.

None of the original photographs have been copyrighted and Bill Wood has released all into the public domain. All reproduction rights have been waived.

Note: Much higher resolutions are available on request.

Colour Photos

Ektacolor-S Photographs

Plus-X Black and White Photographs –

Goldstone Ghost Town
Goldstone Ghost Town and Fort Irwin Luncheon

and also

Goldstone Apollo Station
The Goldstone Apollo Station.

Goldstone DSN Booklet – Bill’s html version of an out-of-print Deep Space Network booklet.


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