HSK, DSS-44, DSS-46 Tribute photos


The old antenna was farewelled on July 20th 2009. In January 2010, the final shutdown began.

It was used for its last official track in January 2010, however the plan is for the antenna itself to be preserved as a fitting monument to its history and to the men and women who were a part of that history.

Here are some tribute photos – please feel free to contribute your own.

They are roughly in reverse chronological order, with the oldest at the bottom.

DSS 46

DSS-46 at the end of the rainbow.

Photo by Glen Nagle at CDSCC on 7th June 2016,

DSS 46

DSS-46 and DSS-43 (right) on a cold evening in June 2011.

Photo by contributor Adrian Carter. Large, Larger.

DSS 46

DSS-46 on a cold evening in June 2011.

Photo: Adrian Carter. Large, Larger.

HSK people at Tidbinbilla

Some of the Honeysuckle team underneath the old antenna, DSS-46, at Tidbinbilla on Monday 20th July 2009. More here.


Trackers and friends under DSS-46 at Tidbinbilla on Monday 20th July 2009.

DSS 46

DSS-46 with a rainbow on July 1st 2009. Photo: Phil Maier.
Click image for a larger version, or here for the largest.

DSS 46
DSS 46

DSS-46 on July 20th 2009. Photos: Ron Wells.

DSS 46

DSS-46 on July 20th 2009. Photo: Ron Wells.

DSS 46

DSS46 with DSS43 in the distance on July 20th 2009 – looking 180° to the photo above. Photo: Colin Mackellar.

DSS 46

DSS-46 viewed from DSS-43. Photo: Leigh at CDSCC.

DSS 46

The old Honeysuckle antenna, now DSS-46 at Tidbinbilla, viewed from the 70m dish surface of DSS-43. Note the Moon at left. Photo: Leigh at CDSCC via Picasa.

DSS 46

DSS-46, viewed from the Apex of DSS43. Courtesy Tony Pelling.


The Honeysuckle antenna / DSS-44 is dismantled at Honeysuckle Creek for its move to Tidbinbilla. Photo: Paul Hutchinson. (more here.)


As part of the Deep Space Network, Honeysuckle became DSS-44.
A year later, DSS-44 closed and the antenna was moved to Tidbinbilla where it was reassembled and given a new feed cone to become DSS-46. Scott Hendry took this photo around 1981.

Paraboloid survey

Parabaloid Survey of the dish for the Deep Space era – August 1974.
Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

The Antenna in fog

The Honeysuckle antenna in fog early one morning. Other sizes here.
Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

watching Neil Armstrong

The Honeysuckle antenna tracks Eagle on the Lunar surface as Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin prepare to step outside – Monday 21 July 1969.
Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

Tony Cobden and Bruce Hamilton

STC Company Manager Tony Cobden and Company Administration Officer Bruce Hamilton in front of the dish in July 1969. Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

Feedcone change

The feedcone is changed during Apollo 8. Photo: Alan Foster.

Hamish's class photo

Hamish Lindsay’s classic photo of Honeysuckle Creek. Larger versions here.

HSK from Coll Tower

Honeysuckle Creek from the Collimation Tower – early photo by Bruce Withey.

Large, Larger.

HSK opening

Honeysuckle Creek Opening Ceremony, 17 March 1967 – photo by Bruce Withey.

Large, Larger.

HSK opening

Dr. Robert Seamans, NASA Associate Administrator, presents Prime Minister Harold Holt with an Apollo model at the opening ceremony. Hamish Lindsay is at right. Photo by Martin Geasley.

Related: Opening day.

Piles of snow at HSK
Snow tipped from the dish, 1966. Photo: Hamish Lindsay. Story here.

view of the site

Milton Turner supplied this photo taken from the water tank location before the construction was complete, probably 1966.

Scan: Betty Saxon, enhancement: Colin Mackellar. (Related photos here.)


Ken Lee took this photo of the Honeysuckle antenna under construction. (Related photos here.)