Apollo 11 TV at Honeysuckle Creek

Honeysuckle Creek was one of three prime receiving sites to see the Apollo 11 Moonwalk TV.

Mike Dinn, Kevin Gallegos, Ed von Renouard and Bryan Sullivan talk about Apollo 11, and how they came to work at Honeysuckle.


Mike Dinn, Honeysuckle Creek Deputy Director

audio part 1 (14 minutes, 3.1MB mp3 file) on coming to Australia, Tidbinbilla, coming to Honeysuckle Creek, simulations, and Apollo missions lesading up to Apollo 11.

audio part 2 (28 minutes, 6.3MB mp3 file) on Apollo 11.

Mike Dinn

Kevin Gallegos, at Honeysuckle SDDS

audio Kevin Gallegos talks about how he began at Honeysuckle Creek, and what happened at HSK as the Apollo 11 Lunar TV came in from the receivers.

“We punched above our weight.”

(21 minutes, 7.4MB mp3 file)
Photo courtesy Freehand Productions. Interviewed July 2009.

Kevin Gallegos

Ed von Renouard, Honeysuckle Creek Video Tech

audio part 1 (6 minutes, 1.9MB mp3 file) on coming to Australia, work in Antarctica and at Island Lagoon and starting at Honeysuckle Creek – up to Apollo 8.

audio part 2 (3 minutes, 1.1MB mp3 file) on how the scan converter worked, what the TV looked like.

audio part 3 (8 minutes, 2.7MB mp3 file) on what is was like at watching the Moonwalk.

Ed von Renouard

Bryan Sullivan, Honeysuckle Creek Computers

audio part 1 (12 minutes, 5.5MB mp3 file) on the Computers at Honeysuckle Creek.

audio part 2 (10 minutes, 4.7MB mp3 file) on Apollo 11.

“I remember the trip home in the car… none of us hardly said a word – we were speechless – we were all, I think, wrapped up in our own thoughts…”

Bryan Sullivan


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