Tidbinbilla Tracking Station
ACT, Australia

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

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Early Days – the beginnings of Tidbinbilla

Construction of DSS-42

Opening, 19th March 1965

Audio recording of the Opening


DSN Missions

Mariner IV


Pioneer 10


MSFN Missions

The Apollo Wing

Tidbinbilla’s role in Apollo (coming soon)

DSS-43 – the Big Dish

Keith Aldworth, John Heath, Bruce Window, John Flaxman, Andy Jary, Lance Peters.

People at Tidbinbilla 1960s updated

Staff photos 1960s

People at Tidbinbilla 1970s updated

People at Tidbinbilla 1980s updated

Visitors updated

Vice President Dan Quayle’s visit 1989


Social activities

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex today

The CDSCC Visitors’ Centre

50th anniversary, 19 March 2015, of the opening (on the way)


Tidbinbilla today
Tidbinbilla: The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex
shrouded in mist on 25 May 2010. Photo: Louise M.
Large, Larger.
Tidbinbilla today

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