Visitors to Tidbinbilla


See also the opening of DSS43.

Visitors to Tid

On 7th January 1967, members of the members of the Manned Space Flight Network Inspection Team, led by George Mueller, visited Tidbinbilla to see progress on installation of the MSFN Wing, in preparation for Apollo.

They had visited Honeysuckle Creek the previous day.

Left to right:

1. Gerald M. Truszynski, Associate Administrator Office of Tracking and Data Acquisition.

2. George Mueller, Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight.

3. Dick Fahnestock, JPL Representative to Australia. (Note the Surveyor tie-pin he is wearing.)

4. Don Gray, Deputy Station Director, Tidbinbilla (MSFN Wing).

Photo by Hamish Lindsay using his medium format Rolleiflex, scan by Colin Mackellar. Larger version on request.

Visitors to Tid

On 7th January 1967, Manned Space Flight Network Inspection Team members, Ozro Covington and John Stevenson converse with Tidbinbilla staff in the MSFN Apollo Wing.

At left are the S-Band Receiver/Exciters. Behind Mike Dinn is the Ranging equipment. Behind the glass partition is the Wire Room.

Left to right:

1. Ozro Covington, Goddard Assistant Director for Manned Space Flight.

2. John D. Stevenson, former USAF Major General, and – from 1967 – Director of Mission Operations in the Office of Manned Space Flight. (He appears to be holding a copy of this 1965 booklet about Tidbinbilla. 9.5MB PDF file.)

3. Back to camera – unidentified.

4. Mike Dinn, Deputy Station Director, Tidbinbilla (DSN).

5. Tony Saville, Communications Supervisir, Tidbinbilla.

Photo by Hamish Lindsay, scan by Colin Mackellar
Larger version on request.

Lord Casey at Tid

Bob Cudmore (Spacetrack chief engineer), Mike Dinn (Deputy Director), Lord Richard Casey (Governor-General of Australia), John Galbraith (Spacetrack Manager). 28th August 1967.

(Lord Casey also visited Honeysuckle on the same day.)

Scanned by Mike Dinn.

Lord Casey at Tid

This newspaper clipping records the visit.
Scanned by Mike Dinn.

Deputy PM Lance Banard

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Lance Barnard (1919–1997), centre, speaks with Bob Leslie, right, in the Operations area at Tidbinbilla.

NASA Senior Scientific Representative Willson Hunter looks on at left. At the far right may be Neil Currie, Secretary, Department of Supply.

In the foreground is Receiver Operator Fred Markmann.

Date unknown. As well as being Deputy Prime Minster, Mr Barnard was Minister for Supply 1972-73 and he was probably at Tidbinbilla in that capacity – this is possibly the opening of DSS43.

From the Tidbinbilla archives, scan Colin Mackellar.

Vice President Quayle

US Vice President Dan Quayle was a special guest at Tidbinbilla on 27 April 1989.

In this White House photo, he is being greeted by Station Director Mike Dinn. DSS-43 is in the background.

Photo courtesy Mike Dinn, scan by Colin Mackellar.

Vice President Quayle

Mr Quayle visited the station to award the NASA Public Service Award and Medal to retired StaDir Tom Reid.

85MB / 28 minute MPEG4 video file.

VHS video courtesy Mike Dinn, digitised by Colin Mackellar.


His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Spain, Prince Felipe (centre), is shown around the station by StaDir Mike Dinn on 6th July 1990.

Photo courtesy Mike Dinn, scan by Colin Mackellar.