See this CDSCC / CSIRO promotional video, showcasing the Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre.


2010 video made to showcase the Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre.

Click the image for a 30MB 512x288 MPEG4 video file,
or here for a 74MB 1024x576 (i.e. 16:9 PAL) MPEG4 video file.

Duration: 7'09".

With thanks to Glen Nagle at CDSCC. MPEG encoding Colin Mackellar.

Who’s in the video?

In addition to those named on the video file –

01:32 Rob Quick at Tidbinbilla.

01:33 Bill Dengate at Tidbinbilla.

01:38 Ian Hopkins, Peter Burns and Mark Steele at Tidbinbilla.

2:25 Honeysuckle Creek under construction, 1965.

2.29 Dick Simons (Glasses) (ID by Alan Gilham ex-CRO).

2:30 Carnarvon + USB Antenna.

2:41 Muchea T&C Acquisition Area, around the time of MA-5 (Jack Duperouzel and Jack Moir).

2:45 Carnarvon FPQ-6.

2.48 Dick Simons (via Alan Gilham ex-CRO) with Hamish Lindsay in background.

2:49 Muchea – Verlort Radar (Don Blackman and Ken Lee).

2:50 Carnarvon FPQ-6.

2:54 Carnarvon (still photo).

2.56 Carnarvon USB (still photo) Ben Ryan (via Alan Gilham ex-CRO).

3:02 Muchea – Wally Schirra and Lewis Wainwright (around MA-5).

3:05 Red Lake FPS-16.

3:07 Honeysuckle’s video of Armstrong’s First Step.

3:20 Carnarvon USB console – (Alan Gilham in foreground), and the antenna.

03:59 Rob Quick at Supervisor’s console on the right.

05:10 Glen Nagle in the Tidbinbilla Visitor’s Centre.

05:55 Peter Burns at Tidbinbilla.

05:57 Rob Quick at Tidbinbilla.

06:00 Rob Quick.

06:30 Peter Burns at Tidbinbilla.

(With thanks to many people for helping with the IDs.)

Here’s a similarly-themed video on MDSCC (Madrid).


Les Whaley - Analog console Bob Cudmore – Instrumentation Section Leader Jack Rothwell – Antenna Engineer Peter Papps – Magnetic recording John Heath – Microwave Engineer Bob Leslie – Station Director Neil McVicar – Receiver Technician Paddy Johnstone – Ops Controller Dave Watts – Antenna Technician Mal Glenn – JPL Rep