Tidbinbilla Deep Space Missions

Missions Supported

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Mariner IV


Pioneer 10


system temp

Tidbinbilla circa 1966.

John Heath writes:

“From L to R are – Ron Hargreaves (I think he was a TDH technician at the time), me (the Microwave Engineer), Mal Lee (one of my Microwave technicians) and Peter Topley (I think he was an Analogue Recorder technician at the time). Just visible between Mal and myself, is Peter Gracie (my Maser technician).

I think it would have been taken in 1966 during a countdown and it looks like the Microwave trio were calculating (using grey matter and a pencil!) the System Temperature, which in those days was typically in the mid 40K range using the maser and around 300K using the paramp.”

Large, Larger. Photo supplied by John Heath.