People at Tidbinbilla – 1980s

Team D c 1980

Team D at Tidbinbilla circa 1980.

Standing: Left to right

David Hollingsworth (Team leader), Ian Warren, Dave “Smokey” Dawson.


Ivan Boyd, John Jorritsma, Colin Schmutter.

With thanks to Colin Schmutter for the photo.

People at Tid

Tidbinbilla in 1980.

Transparency by Hamish Lindsay, scan by Colin Mackellar.

People at Tid

A telemetry station with a Modcomp computer, Tidbinbilla, 1980.

Photo by Hamish Lindsay.

People at Tid

Comms operator Kevin Sanders typing a message, Tidbinbilla, 1980.

DSS-43 is in the background.

Photo by Hamish Lindsay.

People at Tid

Tidbinbilla Ops Room in 1980.

Photo by Hamish Lindsay.

Staff 1981

Personnel Assignments at CDSCC, late April 1981.

Preserved and scanned by Tony Gerada.

1986 Voyager at Uranus

A sheet commemorating Parkes’ support of Voyager 2 at Uranus in January 1986.
The support was run by people from Tid (with many who had also been at HSK.)

cold morning at Tid

A cold day at Tidbinbilla.

Stew writes, “Model of Voyager 2 spacecraft in original position with pond and water rings of Saturn on a very cold morning. Picture taken about midday when the water jets began to flow again.”

Photo: Stew Burton.



Les Whaley - Analog console Bob Cudmore – Instrumentation Section Leader Jack Rothwell – Antenna Engineer Peter Papps – Magnetic recording John Heath – Microwave Engineer Bob Leslie – Station Director Neil McVicar – Receiver Technician Paddy Johnstone – Ops Controller Dave Watts – Antenna Technician Mal Glenn – JPL Rep