Apollo 11

The First Men on the Moon

16–24 July 1969

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Apollo 11 Essay by Hamish Lindsay
Updated text 2014. Updated images 2018.
Other minor updates 2021.

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Honeysuckle Creek

Pre-Mission Media interest

Pre-Mission TWX

Australian TV report on Honeysuckle and Sydney Video

Prime Minister John Gorton visits Honeysuckle, July 21 1969

Prime Minister’s Department Press Release, July 21 1969

The Honeysuckle Station Log for Apollo 11

audio Audio recorded at Honeysuckle

audio Honeysuckle comms + Net 2 as TV begins (in A11 TV section)

Photographs of the TV monitors at Honeysuckle during the EVA

Super 8 footage of Honeysuckle Creek during the EVA

Department of Supply press release 34 – July 10 1969

Department of Supply press release 35 – July 22 1969

Apollo 11 Flight Plan – Final version, July 1, 1969

The Honeysuckle Creek Apollo 11 team photo

The Honeysuckle Creek Apollo 11 team signature sheet

Thanks from Cliff Charlesworth, Apollo 11 Flight Director

External link: One Small Step, The Australian Story.

HSK Apollo 11

Manned Space Flight Network / MCC-Houston

MSFN Network Operations Directive Mission Supplements for AS-506, Apollo 11.

MSFN Post-Mission Report for AS-506, Apollo 11.

audio The Launch – audio from the Network Control Console

audio The Lunar Descent and Landing – audio from the Network Controller’s and Flight Director’s Consoles

audio Lunar landing console audio from computer expert Jack Garman (interview) in the AGC Staff Support Room.

Photos of Gene Kranz’s White Team in Mission Control.

HSK Apollo 11

The Lunar Liftoff – Onboard audio and Black Team FD loop.

Walter Cronkite visits Goldstone for CBS News before the mission.

An autograph sheet signed by members of the media who were at Houston – new.

Neil Armstrong visits Goddard after the mission

Australian Media coverage

audio The Launch – Derryn Hinch reports live on Australian radio

audio The Boniecki Tapes – how Australians heard the Moonwalk

Newspaper clippings


The Launch – as seen from 43,000 feet.

Seeing the Apollo 11 Re-entry.


audio An independent recording of the Landing

The Apollo 11 crew in Sydney – Saturday 1st November 1969

The Apollo 11 mission patch

audio NASA Audio News Features with Willard Scott – released before the mission.

audio NASA Audio Highlights Tape

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