Apollo 11 Honeysuckle Timeline


Prior to Apollo 11, Honeysuckle’s Admin Officer, Bernard Scrivener, produced a local timeline chart for the mission.

Initially it was designed to help him provide information to the press, but Mike Dinn and others found the idea so useful that extra details were added. Similar charts were made for later missions.

Below are three photocopies of the Apollo 11 chart – each with slightly different sets of notations – (and each with varying degrees of illegibility!).

The chart covered the whole mission, though details are only included for times when the Honeysuckle / Tidbinbilla complex was in view.


Apollo 11 HSK timeline

Here’s a key (PDF file) using part of Mike Dinn’s copy of the timeline.

Apollo 11 HSK timeline

Mike Dinn’s was on an A4 photocopy, covering the central part of he chart. (Red dotted line in this comparison.)

Apollo 11 HSK timeline

Hamish Lindsay preserved two versions on A3 paper. Here’s the first. The timeline has been adjusted to show to actual earlier time of the EVA.

Apollo 11 HSK timeline

Here’s the second. The timeline has the original planned EVA time. At some later stage, Hamish has written over the feint text to make it easier to read, and also added times – possibly while writing his Apollo 11 essay.

Scans and image enhancement (they needed it!) by Colin Mackellar.


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