Apollo 11 Press Releases
and news clippings

Australian support

Press Release No. 34 (July 10 1969) from the Department of Supply outlines the significant Australian support for Apollo 11. Click image for a 2.1MB PDF file.

From the Lloyd Bott collection, scanned by Ken Sheridan.

Playing a major role

This newspaper article (unknown newspaper) highlights the role of the Canberra tracking stations, Parkes, PMG and OTC in the Apollo 11 mission. It also traces Australia’s involvement with NASA. At least one of Hamish Lindsay’s photos was used here.

Click for the full article. Preserved by Mike Dinn, scanned by Colin Mackellar.

PDF file

This undated 4 page leaflet was probably written by Honeysuckle Creek Admin/PR man Bernard Scrivener for the first anniversary of the landing.

Other than an incorrect time for the MESA deployment (12:39pm instead of 12:53pm), the leaflet is an accurate summary of the mission.

800kb PDF file. Preserved by Mike Dinn, scanned by Colin Mackellar.


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