Honeysuckle Creek and Sydney Video
in the News – July 1969

ABC-TV news footage just before Apollo 11

ABC TV report

This news film from the Australian Broadcasting Commission (now Corporation) includes footage shot at Honeysuckle Creek and an interview with Station Director Tom Reid.

Reporter Tom McKay speaks with NASA Senior Scientific Representatve to Australia, Willson Hunter, and also (very briefly) with NASA’s Charlie Goodman at Sydney Video.

In the still image above, Tom McKay is standing in front of the RCA scan converter at Sydney Video. His closing comment is worth watching.

The segment runs for 3 minutes 20 seconds and was provided by Geoff Crane Producer / Director with ABC-TV in Canberra. With grateful thanks to ABC-TV’s Stateline (ACT edition) for their permission to make this clip available.

This clip from Stateline was an edited version of the 1969 original. In the original, in introducing Charlie Goodman, Tom McKay says,

“Into this small specially built room at the OTC terminal in Paddington, Sydney will come the first pictures of man on the moon. There’s more than half a million dollars here and seated at the desk is the man who is responsible for selecting and forwarding these historic pictures, he’s Mr Charles Goodman, NASA’s communications manager who has arrived in Australia specially for the historic telecast.

From Honeysuckle Creek and this terminal where will the pictures go then?”

The clip is a 12.8 MB MP4 file.