Orroral Valley Tracking Station, Canberra

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Orroral Timeline


Equipment installation new

Opening ceremony

Station Directors

Operations Building plan

Satellites tracked


Orroral Gallery new

Photos from Jim Thompson and Clive Broomfield

Frames from WRE film of Orroral

Philip Clark’s Super 8 film

STS-1 Audio


from Ted Barnes

from Gordon Owttrim

from Clive Broomfield

A 1976 Department of Science brochure

A 1987 proposal to maintain the site

The National Mapping Laser Ranging System new

The Orroral Homestead

Orroral Valley today

The Orroral 26m antenna’s new life in Tasmania

Orroral Valley

The Orroral Valley Tracking Station 26 metre antenna and operations building – looking to the south west.

Photo: Ted Barnes, 1969.