The Apollo 11 Television Broadcast

About the Apollo 11 TV broadcast
TV montage

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A video overview of the TV sources

EVA video with Net 2 and Alpha

A Comparison of the four best recordings first few minutes of TV.

– A word about the movie ‘The Dish’.

The TV Camera used

The Westinghouse TV camera

Planning for the telecast and the Australian role

– NASA Senior Management
– Scan converters and links
– Honeysuckle
– Parkes
– plans for a direct feed to Australian TV
– plans for a backup recorder at Parkes

TV from the Moon

summary of how it all happened
Parkes and Honeysuckle
Timeline (PDF) of Apollo 11 TV key events.
Tilt-corrected TV.


Scan converted TV as seen at Goldstone
– dishes used
– why was the TV picture degraded?

Honeysuckle Creek

Prime Minister Gorton’s visit
what it was like at Honeysuckle
video links via Willamsdale, to Sydneyupdated
still photos taken at Honeysuckle
Super 8 film shot at Honeysuckle
Net 2 / Honeysuckle audio at start of TV – with transcript


– elevation constraints
– David Cooke’s photos taken during the EVA
video links via Mt Coonambro to Sydney
– wind storm

Sydney Video

– preparing Sydney Video – interview with Dick Nafzger
– incoming circuits
– equipment, photos
The Inverter Switch
what it was like at Sydney Videoupdated
– outgoing circuits
arrangements for the Press – updated
OTC press releases.
The first 5 minutes of HSK TV as recorded at Sydney.

Moree OTC

How the TV was broadcast to the world

– Houston TV and onwards
Europe and UK
– The Americas
inside the Iron Curtain
Australian TV – Eastern states
Australian TV – Carnarvon and Perth
New Zealand delayed broadcast

Memories of watching the Moonwalk

Boniecki audio tapes

Various video recordings

– HSK, Sydney Video, Australian broadcast,
Houston, Super 8, Quad, Kine
Comparisons of the video sources

Others who saw the Slow Scan TV from the Moon

– DSS42 Tidbinbilla
Carnarvon MSFN
– DSS41 Island Lagoon
– Guam MSFN.


An Emmy for the TV
A Penguin for the TV!

The Search for the Telemetry Tapes

The Tape Search (needs updating)

The Restored TV Broadcast (to come.)

Busting myths about the Apollo 11 TV

  • Why the picture was ‘ghostly’.
    (Quick answer: an artefact of the scan conversion on Earth, at Goldstone, Honeysuckle Creek and Sydney.)
  • Is it true the US networks were refused a clean feed and had to point their cameras at the big screen in Mission Control?
    (Quick answer: No. They were given a clean feed.)
  • Was there really a 6 second delay in the picture in case of a disaster?
    (Quick answer: No, it was all live.)

More to come!

Neat things you might not have noticed

Buzz Aldrin’s face visible


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