“Tilt corrected” video
Monday 21st July 1969


In order for the Apollo Lunar Surface Camera to fit inside the MESA when it was closed, it was necessary to mount it on a bracket at an angle of around 15 degrees. (Otherwise the camera’s handle, designed to be easy to hold with pressurised gloves, would be in the way of the MESA closing flush against the descent stage.)

As a result, when the MESA was opened, the television picture was tilted – as if the LM had landed on a slope. (In fact, it had landed on a level place.)

This tilt gives the impression that the ladder was much steeper than it was – so here is 4 minutes of ‘tilt corrected’ video – showing Armstrong and Aldrin descending.

On Vimeo. Also available here as a smaller 19MB MP4 video file.