The Apollo 11 Television Broadcast

as relayed from Sydney Video

The first 5 minutes of Apollo 11 EVA TV – Scan-converted


This is a recording of the feed that was being sent by satellite to the US from Sydney. It was identified by Colin Mackellar in 2006. This is the only complete recording which has the Honeysuckle video from the start.

It is scan-converted (i.e. NTSC, not slow scan TV) and was probably recorded on the Ampex VR-660 that was in Sydney Video. This recording is a copy (possibly a multi-generational copy), not the original.

See the 4 x side-by-side comparison on this page to see what was seen internationally, what was broadcast on Australian TV and what was sent to the US from Honeysuckle.

In addition to this recording, other Australian recordings of parts of the beginning of the TV have been found.

HSK from the start

A 20MB MPEG4 file – from “We’re getting a picture on the TV”

The audio has been filtered to remove a 180Hz hum.

With thanks to Kipp Teague for the video file, and to Bill Wood for the audio processing.


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