The Apollo 11 EVA
TV Broadcast




DVD 3.

The complete Apollo 11 Moonwalk TV Broadcast – restored (PAL format.)

After an exhaustive six year search, the Apollo 11 Tape Search Team concluded the original telemetry tapes containing the Slow Scan TV of the Apollo 11 EVA no longer exist.

(One additional Slow Scan recording, made by an engineer sent by NASA to Parkes, remains unaccounted for.)

Once it seemed likely that the telemetry tapes were gone, the Search Team turned their attention to finding the best available recordings of the TV after the Slow Scan had been converted to NTSC broadcast format. NASA agreed to fund a restoration.

Several different recordings of sections of the broadcast were discovered during the search. These include –

These source materials were digitised and, from them, a complete record of the EVA was assembled.

The video was processed by Lowry Digital to remove noise from the recordings, to correct vignetting in the picture, and to make other adjustments.

Once the video was restored, the air /ground voice was synchronized with a recording of the Flight Director’s Loop, giving unprecedented insight into activity in Mission Control while the Moon Walk was in progress.

Those involved in the search from the start – Richard Nafzger, (the late) Stan Lebar, Bill Wood, John Sarkissian and Colin Mackellar – are grateful for NASA’s wonderful support and hope this restored video will be an enduring tribute to all who made Apollo possible.

The restored footage is a tribute to Stan Lebar’s determination to bring the world the best possible recording of the EVA television.

This DVD is presented in PAL 16:9 pillarboxed format (i.e. the full 4:3 aspect ratio picture, as received from the Moon, is shown, with black pillars on either side). With thanks to Bill Wood.

In the United States, PAL DVDs may or may not play in set top DVD players (depending on the brand), but should play fine in a computer that plays DVDs. (If you would prefer NTSC, Spacecraft Films were provided with an NTSC version.)


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