Apollo 8

The Race to the Moon is Won

Apollo 8

Cross, Hicks, Holland

Essay by Hamish Lindsay

updated for the 50th anniversary

Apollo 8 essay PDF

PDF version of the essay (8MB file) with special thanks to Glen Nagle.

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Air/Ground audio

as recorded at Honeysuckle Creek

Onboard audio

as downlinked to Honeysuckle

Audio Highlights files

as recorded at Honeysuckle Creek

For all the people back on Earth” – with onboard audio.

Pre-Mission Press Release

Pre-launch MSFN status check

Apollo 8 MSFN TWXs

Ron Hicks’ photos

Christmas TWX from Goddard

Ambassador’s Apollo 8 party

Apollo 8 Memorabilia

‘Goddard News’ coverage

Apollo 8 at Madrid

Apollo 8 at Goldstone

Personal Recollections

Tom Sheehan on Apollo 8

John Saxon’s favourite missions

Thanks from NASA

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