Apollo 8


Apollo 8 crew

The Apollo 8 crew.

NASA image KSC-68PC-372, with thanks to Ed Hengeveld.
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With the pioneering flight of Apollo 8, the race to the Moon was effectively won.

Sure, the lunar landing was yet to come – but Apollo 8 faced so many unknowns and produced so many ‘firsts’, including –

• The first men to ride a Saturn V
• the first to fly higher than 850 miles
• the first to leave the Earth’s gravitational influence
• the first men to be cut off from view of the Earth
• the first men to enter lunar orbit and see the lunar farside;
• the first to leave lunar orbit and to enter the Earth’s atmosphere at lunar return velocities
• the first test of the full capabilites of the Manned Space Flight Network operating at lunar distances.

In all this, Honeysuckle Creek – with its wing site at Tidbinbilla – played a major role, being prime for LOI and TEI and tracking the spacecraft for extended periods each day.

Apollo 8 – along with Apollo 11 – ranks as one of the greatest voyages of discovery of modern times.