Apollo 8 at Goldstone

Bill Wood writes –

The person who answered up for Goldstone during the Apollo status check was Bill Sheridan. Bill was the USB Supervisor, but was a console jockey during missions together with Bill Jurhend, the Data Supervisor. They worked one 12-hour shift while Tom Turnbull, the Bendix M&O Supervisor, and Bud McPartland, the station Comm Supervisor, worked the other 12-hour shift.

I worked the same shift as Sheridan and Jurhend as the prime site USB Lead engineer working with one of four USB crews at the Prime and Wing sites. Goldstone MSFN manned both sites in the same manner as the Madrid stations.

Two days into the Apollo 8 mission, I found myself in bed at home with a bad case of Influenza and was down for several days. The upside was my being able to see the television broadcasts from lunar orbit on a small 5-inch Sony MicroTV on the nightstand next to my bed.

George Farris, the NASA Station Director, and Dick Kephart, the Asst Station Director, also worked two 12-hour shifts, but they mainly stayed in the background and monitored things in case something required STADIR action.

Apollo 8 at Goldstone

This item, from the centre page of the Goddard News for January 13, 1969, outlines what was happening at Goldstone during Apollo 8.

Preserved by Mike Dinn, scanned by Colin Mackellar. More here.