Apollo 8 Network Status Check

Here’s a 5 minute 44 second recording of a Manned Space Flight Network status check on Net 2 – just minutes before the launch of Apollo 8.

Hamish Lindsay preserved this recording, made at Honeysuckle Creek.

The Network stations are polled, beginning with ARIA Control, and then heading in an easterly direction around the world.

If you can help identify any of these voices, please let us know.


Apollo 8 Network Status check MSFN Network Status Check – 5 min 44 sec.

As recorded at Honeysuckle. 2.7MB mp3.

Apollo 11 groundtrack map

This Apollo 11 map (courtesy of Bob Fish at the USS Hornet Museum) is a help in identifying the stations’ location.
(Does anyone have an Apollo 8 chart?)

The status check is conducted by the Network Controller, Captain George Ojalehto.*

The stations called (and those whose who answer) – in order –

ARIA Control – R.C. Doc Weaver, Station Director, ARIA Control Center
MILA (Merritt Island Launch Area)
GBM (Grand Bahama)
Bermuda (BDA)
Antigua (ANT)
Vanguard (VAN)
Ascension (ACN)
Canary Island (CYI)
Madrid (MAD)
Tananarive (TAN) – (HF radio link via OTC Perth)
Carnarvon (CRO) – Paul Oats, Deputy Stadir
Guam (GWM) – Tom White, M & O
Honeysuckle Creek (HSK) – Mike Dinn, Deputy Stadir
Redstone Ship (RED)
Mercury Ship (MER) – (poor quality HF link)
Hawaii (HAW)
Huntsville Ship (HSV)
Goldstone (GDS) – Bill Sheridan, USB Supervisor
California (CAL)
White Sands (WHS)
Guaymas (GYM)
Texas (TEX)
Comm Manager

The audio was preserved and transferred to digital format by Hamish Lindsay with noise reduction by Colin Mackellar. (There is some crosstalk – I have done my best to reduce it. – CM.)

* – thanks to Richard Stachurski for the ID. George was also the NC on the White Team during the Apollo 11 descent phase.


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