More photos of Carnarvon

Hamish Lindsay at Carnarvon

Hamish Lindsay in front of the voice receivers at Carnarvon during the Gemini V mission.

Carnarvon USB – frames from a 1966 NASA film


Alan Gilham and John Rudkin.


Brian Milne, Fred Dykstra and Frank Vinton at the receivers.

These photos are stills from the Spacecraft Films DVD “1966 NASA Aeronautics and Space Reports”
– with thanks to Mark Gray of Spacecraft Films.


Paul Oats

Paul Oats near the fountain at Carnarvon.

Scan: Paul Oats via Mike Dinn.

LM model at CRO

A model of the Lunar Module at Carnarvon.

Photo: Paul Oats.


The Apollo Receiver-Exciters.

Photo: Robin Smith via Glen Nagle.


Someone at the top of the WWV tower, adjacent to the T&C building. It might be Hamish Lindsay. (Though not taken at the same time, Hamish took this photo from the tower.)

Scanned by Colin Mackellar from one of Hamish’s negatives.