Apollo 8 photos from Ron Hicks

Taken at Honeysuckle Creek
during the Apollo 8 mission, December 1968.

Mostly taken in the Computer section. Photos supplied by Ron Hicks.

Bruce Withey
writes, “For the Apollo 8 mission there was no night (or day) shift, at least for the Telemetry people, just the one team.
When the Apollo spacecraft was not in our view, we slept on site in bunk beds downstairs in a room next to the canteen.
We were there for 16 days straight.”

Apollo 8 TLI

Jim (Dutchy) Holland, Ron Hicks and Clive Cross
as Apollo 8 is “Go” for Trans Lunar Injection, 21st December 1968.

Holland, ?,  Hicks  Cross

Jim (Dutchy) Holland, Mike Evenett, Ron Hicks and Clive Cross.

Apollo 8

Jim (Dutchy) Holland, Ron Hicks and Clive Cross.

Ron Hicks
The antenna by night, during Apollo 8.

Antenna by night

The Honeysuckle antenna at night. Photo: Ron Hicks.

Ron Hicks

Ron Hicks following the Apollo 8 Flight Plan.


Hamish Lindsay (over-exposed) is in the foreground, in the USB area.

Behind him are Rod Lindrea (?), and Graham Fraser.

Alan Foster is at the console farthest from the camera.

Peter Cohn (Ranging) is on the far right.

Tony Salvage (left) speaks with Kevin Gallegos.

Dinn and Saxon

John Saxon (background) and Mike Dinn at the Ops Console.

Keith Hiscock, Martin Geasley and Gillian Morris in the Comms section.

Martin Geasley in the Comms section.

Hicks and Cross

Ron Hicks (left) and Clive Cross during Apollo 8.
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