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HSK becomes DSS-44 updated

Honeysuckle Creek joins the Deep Space Network

Project Viking:

The Viking Project – by Hamish Lindsay

SCAMA call from Viking Scientist Jerry Soffen

Viking audio

Honeysuckle Viking teams

Pioneers 6, 7, 8, 9, E updated

Pioneers 10-11 (update coming soon)

Voyager 1 & 2 (to be updated)

Pioneer Venus and Venus Multiprobe

Pioneer 12

Pioneer 13


More photos from the Deep Space era.

HSK by Bill Wood Oct 1980

Honeysuckle Creek in October 1980.

This photo was taken by Bill Wood (ex-Goldstone) on a Deep Space Network “flying clock trip” to provide a better time standard at all three DSN complexes.

Mike Dinn writes, “The small dish [on the right hand side of the microwave tower] is pointing at the coll tower. In the later/last days, I think comms for ORR and HSK went via the coll tower and a microwave link to Black Mountain. And towards the end, the last function at HSK was to keep a generator going to provide power to the coll tower for this.”