Muchea Opening


Muchea Tracking Station was opened on Friday 24th March 1961 by Alan Hulme (the Australian Minister for Supply 1958-1961).

In a circa 1995 interview with Hamish Lindsay, Lewis Wainwright (who succeeded Jack Dawson as Station Director) recalled that a number of dignitaries were invited to the opening ceremony. It was organised by Jim Mills, Controller of the Department of Supply in Perth.

A marquee was erected opposite the T&C Building, and there was food for the guests. After the invited guests had gone, the station staff, who had been working, were invited to partake of the leftovers.


opening day

Alan Hulme, the Australian Minister for Supply, wrote this article for the day Muchea was opened – Friday, March 24 1961. (From The West Australian.)

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Preserved by Jack Duperouzel. Scan by Colin Mackellar.

Thanks to John Lambie for researching the date. The photo is a Department of Supply photo.

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