Visitors to Carnarvon


Astronaut Wally Schirra visited in March 1966


Wally Schirra arrives at the Port Hotel – 8th March 1966.

Wally Schirra, wearing suit, is standing behind the open car door. To the right, back to camera, is CRO StaDir Lewis Wainwright. He is speaking with Port Hotel publican and Mayor of Carnarvon Wilson Tuckey.

Paul Dench notes that the policeman a couple of cars back is Sergeant Bob Stevens. Here’s a labelled version of the photo.

Photo: Frank Barrow.

Frank directed the AWA 112A Intercom equipment installation team at Carnarvon in 1966.


Astronaut Wally Schirra handprint ceremony.

Station Director Lewis Wainwright at microphone, with Astronaut Walter Schirra.

Wilson Tuckey (later a long-serving Member of the Australian Parliament) who was the local Publican and Carnarvon Shire President at that time, stands at left. Monte Sala is at far left in dark suit.

Photo: John Lambie


Walter Schirra leaving his mark by impressing his hands into wet cement. Large, Larger.

Photo: John Lambie. Colour restoration: Colin Mackellar


Station Director Lewis Wainwright (left) adds his handprints.

Large, Larger. Caption.

Photo: Jim Gregg, used by permission. Scanned by Trevor Mosel.


NASA’s pioneering Flight Director Chris Kraft visited in March 1967

Chris Kraft

NASA’s first Flight Director, and then Assistant Director for Flight Operations, Chris Kraft, and Tecwyn Roberts, Chief of Manned Flight Operations Division, visited Australia for the opening on Honeysuckle Creek on 21st March 1967.

The photo above was taken at the Honeysuckle opening.
(Left to right: Edmond C Buckley, Christopher Kraft, Willson Hunter.)

A few days earlier, in the company of John South, Goddard’s Representative to Australia, they visited Carnarvon.

Mr Kraft was the guest speaker at a special meeting of the Rotary Club. The meeting was held at the bar of the Carnarvon Race Club.

The visit is mentioned on pages 184-185 of “Carnarvon and Apollo” by Paul Dench and Alison Gregg.

audio Listen to Chris Kraft’s 12 minute talk here. 8.6 MB mp3 file.

Be sure to listen right to the end to hear the vote of thanks. :-)

Audio file from the National Archives of Australia. With special thanks to Brian Larwood, who arranged the digital transfer. Audio noise reduction and photo scan by Colin Mackellar.


Astronaut Alan Shepard visited for the Tropical Festival in 1968

Alan Shepard

Deputy Secretary to the Department of Supply, Lloyd Bott, and the Department of Supply’s Jim Mills, speak with Alan Shepard at the Tropical Festival Show Grounds in September 1968.

Paul Dench contributes:

“The photo was taken at the Carnarvon Tropical Festival Show Grounds (commonly known as the Pony Club) September 1968 when Alan Shepard was a special guest of Carnarvon and the NASA Tracking Station.

Alan led the Festival parade down Robinson Street in a low-flying white open-topped sports car then wandered around the show ground and spent a long time on the old Gemini consoles set up at the show ground talking with youngsters on the intercom. He spent the next morning at CRO talking to staff and leaving hand-prints in wet cement before he flew back home.

Jim Mills was associated with CRO as the Department of Supply man on the spot being Western Australia’s State Controller of DoS responsible for everyday negotiations on building matters both Station and staff housing, cost control, and liaison with the Shire Council and the State Government.

The band was the Western Command Band.”

Autographed photo from the collection of Lloyd Bott. Large, Larger.

Scanned by Ken Sheridan, image restoration Colin Mackellar.
With thanks to Michael Bott.

Alan Shepard

Alan Shepard gets into the sports car for the parade down Robinson Street.

L-R: Jim Mills, Alan Shepard, Willson Hunter (?) and Lloyd Bott.

Photo from the collection of Lloyd Bott. Large, Larger. Caption.

Scanned by Ken Sheridan, image restoration Colin Mackellar. With thanks to Michael Bott.

Alan Shepard

Lloyd Bott speaks with Alan Shepard.

Photo from the collection of Lloyd Bott. Large, Larger. Caption.

Scanned by Ken Sheridan. With thanks to Michael Bott.