Muchea, Western Australia

In late November 1961, a film crew (most likely from the Department of Suppy) visited Muchea – at around the time of the MA-5 flight. This was the flight before John Glenn’s manned flight. The passenger aboard MA-5 for the two-orbit flight was Enos the ‘Super Chimp’. The flight was a critical test of the Mercury capsule and all systems.

The station was manned and configured as it would be for a manned flight. The Muchea Capcom for MA-5 was astronaut Wally Schirra. (Astronauts Cooper, Shepard and Grissom were deployed to other remote sites.)

Here are some frames taken from the NASA film – they are arranged into three sections:

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T&C Building
Verlort Radar

Inside the T&C building

Verlort Radar trailer

External shots

External pictures


With thanks to Mark Gray and Spacecraft Films for the footage used to make these screenshots.

The footage is available on Disc 2 of the Spacecraft Films excellent “Project Mercury” 6 DVD set.
I am told it is also available on the CD included with Apogee Books’ Friendship 7 Mission Report.

Screenshots selected, colour-corrected (with varying success) and annotated by Colin Mackellar.

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