Muchea, Western Australia

The Telemetry and Control (T&C) building

(also see frames from the film of external shots and the Verlort Radar)


The Acquisition Area:

The Acquisition team
Seated: Jack Duperouzel and Jack Walker (partly hidden).
Standing: Jack Moir.

The Control Room is the far half of the room:

On the right at the desk is Gus Pugh.
The Capcom and medical officers are at the far end on the left.
At the far end on the right is Muchea Comm Tech Gerry O’Connor.


The Acquistion Team:

Jack Moir (standing), Jack Walker (centre – leader of the Acquistion Team) and Jack Duperouzel at the Acq Aid Console.


L-R: Jack Duperouzel, Jack Walker and Jack Moir at the Acq Aid Console.


Jack Duperouzel directs the antennae using the Elevation and Azimuth controls.


Gerry O’Connor is just seen here at the Comm Tech Console.


Gus Pugh at the Operations Supervisor’s desk.


The Command Station Display

L–R: Wing Commander Dr Warren Bishop, NASA Flight Surgeon Dr. Ed Beckman; Senior Flight Controller (i.e. Capcom) Wally Schirra; the Assistant Capcom, and another NASA team member.


The Capcom position for MA-5:
L-R: Two NASA personnel, Wally Schirra,
Ed Beckman, Warren Bishop.


Senior Flight Controller Wally Schirra and Muchea Station Director Lewis Wainwright
at the Command Station Display.


Senior Flight Controller Wally Schirra and Muchea Station Director Lewis Wainwright
at the Command Station Display.

Note the diagram of a Mercury Capsule instrument panel for the Capcom to use when speaking with an astronaut in orbit.


NASA Flight Surgeon Dr. Ed Beckman with
RAAF Flight Surgeon Wing Commander Dr. Warren Bishop at the Aero-medical console.


Sanbourne pen recorders in the Telemetry section.


Glenis Wilkerson at one of the Teletype machines in the Comms Room.


The Comms Room:

Communications Supervisor Kevyn Westbrook watches as Glenis Wilkerson types a TTY message.

In the background, using the typewriter, is Freda Ash.


The Telemetry Area:

Decoms on the left, Receivers on the right.

L-R: Gordon McDonald (at the PAM decommutator), unknown (at the pair of eight channel thermal strip chart recorders), Rex Hogan (seated), Len Moyle and Solon Mathews.


Gordon McDonald watching a CRO in the Telemetry area.


Gordon McDonald in the Telemetry area.


Len Moyle in Telemetry.


Solon Mathews (left) and Len Moyle in the Telemetry area.


The Telemetry Area:

This view shows the Timing Standard console on the left and Decoms and Receivers beyond it.


Colin Macnish at the Timing Standard console in the Telemetry area.


Colin Macnish at the Timing console in the Telemetry Area.

Screenshots selected, colour-corrected (with varying success) and anotated by Colin Mackellar.

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