Muchea – frames from film

External pictures

(also see frames from the film of the T&C Building and the Verlort Radar)

Muchea entrance

The Entrance to Muchea Project Mercury Communication Station.
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Jack Duperouzel remembers that the flag was raised on the flagpole each morning by an Australian Federal Policeman who lived in a caravan onsite to provide security. The caravan is visible in this photo.)

Muchea panorama from Verlort

A panorama from south to west – taken from just NE of the Verlort Radar.
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This was assembled from 20 frames as the camera panned, hence the central part of the photo is blurred due to camera motion. The red blurs in the distnace behind the trees are not buildings, but are artefacts of the camera motion, the framerate conversion from 24fps film to 29.97fps NTSC, and the video compression.

Muchea Acq Aid

Acquistion Aid Antenna. (Quad helix antennas with an Air to Ground
HF receiving yagi antenna mounted on top.)

Muchea Acq Aid

One of the Acquisition Aid Antennas and the T&C Building.

Looking north from Powerhouse

View looking north from near the ground to air transmitter.
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The powerhouse is on the right. The tall southern boresight antenna is also prominent, above the powerhosue roofline.

(A number of frames of film were stacked to produce this image.)