Martin Geasley

Martin Geasley

Martin Geasley at Honeysuckle, July 1969.

From the HSK staff photo by Hamish Lindsay. Scan: Ken Sheridan.


Martin Geasley was hired in London by a recruiting team from Australia on behalf of Honeysuckle contractors Standard Telephones & Cables – Station Director Bryan Lowe and Hugh Peach, accompanied by a NASA group from the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Martin writes:

“My title was Ground Communications Coordinator in the Grade of Supertech.

In 1968 with the departure of Hugh Bergin, Comms Engineer in charge of Comms Section, I was elevated to Communications Supervisor in charge of the Comms Section.

On transfer to the DSN in 1975 I was reassigned to the position of Operations Supervisor until my resignation in October 1980 when I took up a new career in the Computer Industry as Manager of Test Operations with Amdahl Ireland Limited, at their factory in Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland. I was subsequently transferred back to Australia as Manager Customer Services and Field Engineering Manager.

I retired on 29th January 1995 on my 65th Birthday.”

Martin notes that the recruiting team in 1966 also selected John Saxon and Eric Gadd, making them the only ones to be hired from the UK in 1966.


Gemineers award

Martin received this award as “a Distinguished, Capable tracker in the Contemporary Order of Gemineers” in September 1966.

Martin writes, “Whilst doing my Apollo 3 months training at Goddard Space Flight Centre, I was drafted to the Gemini 12 Mission support”.

Martin in the Commos Room 1967

Martin Geasley and Merl Stokes in the Comms Room. The hatch led through to the Ops console.

Photo taken by Hamish Lindsay, probably late 1966 or early 1967.

Martin Geasley during Apollo 8.

Photo: Ron Hicks.

Keith Hiscock, Martin Geasley and Gillian Morris during Apollo 8.

Photo: Ron Hicks.