Muchea: Today

Muchea Tracking Station is now long gone, and many seem unaware of the crucial place in space history held by Muchea.

There are some signs of what was once there – for those who know what these strange structures represent.

Here are two sets of photos – with thanks to Glenn Hooley and Andrew Todd.

Update, 2022:

I understand that the site is no longer accessible,
with new fencing having been erected with signs indicating that
“all persons are strictly prohibited from entering”.

Muchea today
Muchea today

Glenn Hooley took these photos in 2006. Click the image to see them.

Andrew Todd followed up with this comprehensive survey in July 2011.

Muchea today

A satellite image of the Muchea Tracking Station site as it is today – with features labelled.

(These labels were added in 2006 by comparison with the site plans, and without a site visit.)