Muchea Memorabilia



Theo Mathews is the son of Solon Mathews (Muchea Telemetry – pictured above).

Theo has scanned these wonderful autographs of three Project Mercury astronauts who visited Muchea.

Schirra and Carpenter autographs

(Left) Mercury Astronaut Wally Schirra was Capcom at Muchea for the MA-5 flight of Enos the ‘Super Chimp’. Schirra gave this autograph on the day of the mission.

(Right) Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter spent some time at Muchea in August 1961 – most likely in preparation for the MA-5 flight – and wrote this thoughtful note for Theo.


Mercury Astronaut Deke Slayton had been scheduled to orbit the earth on the MA-7 flight – however he lost his flight status due to a minor heart condition and was sent to Australia to be the Muchea Capcom for the mission.

Scott Carpenter’s three-orbit MA-7 flight took place on 24th May 1962 – and that day Solon Mathews obtained this autograph for his son.

(Deke Slayton returned to flight status in time to fly on the last Apollo mission – as part of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in July 1975.)

Scans: Theo Mathews.


Jack Duperouzel (right) has shared these items of memorabilia from his collection. Scans by Colin Mackellar.

America’s Man in Orbit

America’s Man in Orbit is a 20 page booklet in John Glenn’s flight.

Click on the image to download the 10MB PDF file.

Mercury pin

This pin, depicting a Mercury capsule, was presented to tracking station staff.

Space News Roundup

This 13 June 1962 issue of ‘Space News Roundup’ celebrated the successful flight of Scott Carpenter. Space News Roundup is still published as Roundup by the Johnson Space Flight Center.

Click the image for a 13MB PDF file.


Muchea not forgotten

from Jack Duperouzel

1987 letter to John Glenn

A 1987 letter to John Glenn from the Muchea team on the 25th anniversary of his flight.

1987 letter from John Glenn

John Glenn’s reply.

1997 letter to John Glenn

A letter to John Glenn from the Muchea team in 1997 for the 35th anniversary of Friendship 7.

1997 reunion

Those who attended the 1997 Reunion.



Teletypewriter manual cover

John Lambie (PMG, who trained at Muchea before going to Carnarvon), shares this photo of the Western Electric Teletypewriter manual.



Autographed photo of astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper, Capcom at Muchea for Friendship 7, February 1962.

Given to Glenis Austin (nee Wilkerson), scan by Jenni Whyatt.


Autographed photo of astronaut Deke Slayton – Capcom at Muchea for MA-7, May 1962.

Given to Glenis Austin (nee Wilkerson), scan by Jenni Whyatt.


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