Gemini V audio – recorded at Carnarvon

21-29 August 1965.

Command Pilot – Gordon Cooper
Pilot – Pete Conrad
Carnarvon Capcom – Chuck Lewis


Gemini V Carnarvon Capcom Chuck Lewis (right) revisited Carnarvon in 1966 for NS2 (Network Simulation 2). He is seen here with Station Director Lewis Wainwright.

From a frame of 16mm Department of Supply footage.

Gemini V audio as recorded at Carnarvon

Hamish Lindsay (who manned the Voice Receivers at Carnarvon) preserved this 1/4 inch audio tape. It was digitised by Colin Mackellar in May 2013.

The audio files of each pass are unaltered, however periods of silence between passes have been removed or reduced.

File GET (hhh:mm:ss) Comments

File 1



Beginning of first pass? Capcom Chuck Lewis speaks with the Assistant Flight Director and with Flight Director Chris Kraft (“Red Leader” at 27 seconds).

File 2


000:50:18 First pass. Pete Conrad says hello to his friends at 1:50 into the file.

File 3


002:31:12 Conrad discusses the Radar Evaluation Pod.

File 4


004:01:00 Fuel cell readouts, REP about 2,000 feet away.

File 5


005:35:29 Fuel cell readouts.

File 6


020:00:06 Rev 12?

File 7


020:05:10 30 second break after previous track. Includes Surgeon encouraging the crew to get more sleep. Conrad: “We’re trying to, but you guys keep giving us something to do.”

File 8


021:35:47 Rev 13. Capcom reports visual sighting of the spacecraft. Pete Conrad reports he can see Carnarvon and Perth, but not Geraldton, which seems to be under cloud.

File 9


069:16:30 Surgeon asks for food and sleep report; Discussion on suit temperatures; Chuck Lewis reports on a sighting of the booster, and breakfast at the Port Hotel. Pete Conrad sends his best to all his friends at Carnarvon.

File 10


093:06:53 Surgeon; Capcom reports visual contact on spacecraft. Conrad reports they are tumbling. Capcom confirms the FPQ-6 is having a little trouble locking on to the C-Band beacon.

File 11



First attempt with the Visual Acuity Experiment. Although the visiblity is excellent, due to spacecraft attitude, only the accompanying smoke is seen.

Mention of the swimming pool at the Port Hotel.

File 12


145:30:00 Capcom calls GT5 on HF. Brief exchange.


Chuck Lewis (left) back at Carnarvon for NS2 (Network Simulation 2) at the newly-installed Carnarvon Apollo console in 1966.

He is with Terry Kierans and Ken Lee (right, who was learning Apollo procedures in preparation for the opening of Honeysuckle Creek).

This is a frame from the Goddard Space Flight Center film “The Vital Link” (the Carnarvon clip starts 18:35 into the film).