Apollo 13 – Notes on MOCR Audio Loops by Bruce Window


Bruce Window, who led the Tidbinbilla team which was scrambled to Parkes during Apollo 13, has been listening to the newly released audio from the console loops in the MOCR (Mission Operations Control Room – i.a. Mission Control) during the mission.

The audio can be accessed at Ben Feist’s wonderful Apollo in Real Time website.

Bruce has worked through the audio from the time of the explosion, to compile a Timeline of interest to Eastern Australian Stations (i.e. Honeysuckle Creek – HSK, Tidbinbilla – HSKX, and Parkes).

The left hand column is Ground Elapsed Time.

The second column indicates who was speaking. Generally, these are on the Network or Track loops. Net 2 (Air / Ground audio) is generally found on the GOSS 4 track.

At Honeysuckle Creek, Deputy Director Ian Grant (Scottish accent) answers calls early after the explosion. Ian was on the Operations Console, getting the station ready for the day’s pass. The spacecraft will not rise at Honeysuckle for around 90 minutes, and the Station Readiness Test will soon be in progress.

Also heard at Honeysuckle is Ian’s opposite number, Deputy Station Director Mike Dinn. Mike has arrived at the station in preparation for taking over from Ian when his shift ends. During this time, Mike answers off-net calls from Houston and Goddard relating to getting Parkes up.

The third column is Bruce’s summary of items of interest.

Download Bruce’s wonderful resource as an Excel spreadsheet:



Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet.

Here’s an earlier subset of that data as a 110kb PDF file.

Bruce Window

Bruce Window, centre, in the control room at Parkes, shortly after arriving from Tidbinbilla. (Photo © CSIRO / ATNF, used with thanks.)

For more, see this interview recorded with him in 2010.


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