Apollo 10 Audio Recorded at Honeysuckle Creek


Some Apollo 10 audio for your enjoyment – here are some clips digitised from 1/4-inch tapes recorded at Honeysuckle Creek.

(Some audio is via the other MSFN stations, and heard over the Network when Honeysuckle was not tracking.)

They are all encoded at 64kb/s from the original uncompressed transfers. They have also been speed-corrected, using Quindar tones as a reference.

These tapes were recorded by Honeysuckle’s Admin Officer Bernard Scrivener on a reel to reel machine in the Station Director’s office.


Bernard Scrivener at 112A

Bernard Scrivener in Station Director Tom Reid’s office during Apollo 8.

In front of him is the Western Electric 102C speaker connected to the 112A intercom station next to it. On the desk behind the telephone Bernard is using is the reel-to-reel tape recorder which made these recordings.

Photo from Goddard News, January 13 1969. Photo probably by Don Witten, Goddard PAO.

Preserved by Mike Dinn, scanned by Colin Mackellar.
102C speaker ID thanks to Frank Sullens.


At some point Bernard gave them to Hamish Lindsay who rediscovered them in 2018.

They were digitised by Colin Mackellar in 2019. These extracts assembled May 2022.

Bernard Scrivener recorded these tapes (often adding voice anotations) to help him in his role as Honeysuckle’s media liason. Generally, they do not run continuously – you can easily hear where the recordings stop and start. In the table below I have separated them into recording sessions (each of which may have many breaks).


Tape 1 Track 1
Start GET Notes

Messages from John Clark and Ozro Covington.

Two hours before launch, Goddard Space Flight Center Director Dr. John Clarke and Assistant Director for Manned Space Flight Support Ozro Covington speak to all the stations on the Network via Apollo Network Control at Goddard. (08'15", 4.1MB)



Last 3 minutes of the terminal count, launch, first 2 minutes of flight. (2.6MB)


Launch – Part 2.

From 6 minutes to orbit. (4MB)


Rev 1 through Carnarvon and Honeysuckle.

Capcom Charlie Duke.


First TV after TLI.

Wonderful pictures from the Westinghouse Color TV camera.

Capcoms Charlie Duke and Gordon Cooper. (3.9MB)


Trans Lunar Coast Day 1.

Joe Engle and then Bruce McCandless (027:02 GET – at 06:00 into the clip) are Capcoms. (12:3MB)


Lunar Encounter.

Starting about 55 minutes before lunar occultation. Many continuity breaks. (4.4MB)


Lunar Orbit 1.

Starting with waiting for AOS on Rev 1 (AOS through Madrid), descriptions of lunar surface, features visible in Earthshine.

Many breaks in the recording, including the Station Director’s phone ringing several times. Runs to 077:26:20 GET. (16.8MB)


Lunar Orbit 2.

Tom Stafford describes seeing the solar corona. (1.7MB)


Lunar Orbit 3.

Emergence after LOI-2 burn. Spectacular TV broadcast. Ends at 081:34:59. (23MB)


Lunar Orbit 4.

Many comm checks – Gene Cernan in Snoopy cannot hear Houston, problem eventually identified as a switch setting.
Goldstone is two-way. Some Net 2 comms at about 19:20. Ends at 083:12. (13MB)

  More to be added as time permits. (24 May 2022)