The Books


Books about Honeysuckle Creek

Hamish’s book
Bryan and Jackie’s Book

Tracking Apollo to the Moon – by Hamish Lindsay.

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To the Moon and Back – by Bryan Sullivan and Jackie French

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Other books

Carnarvon and Apollo

Carnarvon book

Carnarvon and Apollo, by Paul Dench and Alison Gregg.


Orroral Valley book

Acquisition: The Story of Orroral Valley Space Tracking Station, by Philip Clark, 2012.

ISBN 9780987256607

Available from the Author at – it may also be found in a number of bookshops in Canberra

Live TV from the Moon

Apollo TV book

Live TV from the Moon, by Dwight Steven-Boniecki. Order from Amazon.

Below Tranquility Base

Below Tranquility Base

by Richard Stachurski.

Richard served as a Network Controller in the MOCR during Apollo, and was on duty for the Apollo 11 launch and lunar liftoff.

See his contribution to this website here.

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