Lloyd Bott – Retirement


Lloyd Bott retired from the position of Secretary, Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, in 1977.

The then Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, The Hon. Michael MacKellar, issued a New Release to announce the new Secretary. As he did so, he paid tribute to Lloyd Bott’s many years of service and leadership:



News Release from the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, The Hon. M.J.R. MacKellar

10 August 1977 IEA 54/77


Mr L.W.B. Engledow presently Secretary, Department of the Capital Territory has been appointed Secretary, Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. He will succeed Mr L.F. Bott, C.B.E., D.S.C., whose resignation as Secretary prior to retirement has been accepted by the Governor-General.

This is the first appointment of a Permanent Head since the Public Service Act was amended to lay down new rules for the selection of permanent heads.

Mr MacKellar said he welcomed Mr Engledow as he was a man of considerable and wide-ranging experience. He was appointed to the Department of Capital Territory in January 1973.

Mr MacKellar paid particular tribute to Mr Bott whom he described as an outstanding public servant.

“He has served Australia well in war and in peace. There have been few public servants who were better known and more respected within the Public Service and the community at large.”

“Mr Bott held senior positions in the Department of Supply from 1954 to 1967 and then was Deputy Secretary of that Department until 1969. From 1969 to 1972 he was Permanent Head of the Department of National Development, a crucial period in the formulation of policies concerned with Australia’s mineral, water and forestry resources. From 1973 to 1975 he was Permanent Head of the Department of Tourism and Recreation and chaired the Commonwealth/State Officials’ Committee concerned with tourism and recreation.”

“Since December 1975 he has been Permanent Head of the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs. He has had the difficult task of re-grouping that Department and advising on our immigration, population and ethnic affairs objectives and policies.”

“In this time the Government has initiated major steps towards a new immigration policy In the context of Australia's population with the publication of the Green Paper on Immigration Policies and Australia’s Population. We have also had the pace-setting statement on a refugee policy and mechanism and the new development of a special broadcasting authority primarily concerned with ethnic broadcasting.”

“These have been major developments for all Australians and, especially, for people who have come from overseas to make their homes here. Mr Bott’s leadership, administrative ability and humanity have been of great assistance during this time of activity.”

Mr MacKellar said that Mr Bott had been regarded by those who had served with him both within Australia and overseas as a man who earned respect and affection.

“Personally, I shall miss him greatly,” Mr MacKellar said. “I wish him and his family the very best for the future.”


Scan of the letter – page 1, page 2 – by Ken Sheridan.