More photos of the outside of the Station

HSK early photo

The Honeysuckle Creek antenna, February 1969.

This is an early photo. Large, Larger (2.5MB).

Photo: Hamish Lindsay. Scan: Colin Mackellar.

HSK and cherrypicker

Maintenance on the Y axis gears.

The concrete pad in the foreground is a parking bay for the cherry picker. I notice that there is a portable rail put up to stop traffic entering the antenna pad while the operation is in progress.

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Photo and notes: Hamish Lindsay.


Look carefully, and you can see two kangaroos silhouetted against the dish in this August 1977 photo by Hamish Lindsay.

Negative scan by Colin Mackellar.

HSK at dawn

Honeysuckle Creek, the cherrypicker, and the crescent Moon at dawn.

Maintenance at Honeysuckle Creek went on around the clock. Tony Salvage cranks up the cherry picker to work on the antenna as a crescent moon hangs above the dawn.

Photo and notes: Hamish Lindsay. Updated scan: Colin Mackellar.

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HSKby floodlight

Honeysuckle Creek by floodlight, during Deep Space days.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay.

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HSKby floodlight

Honeysuckle Creek by floodlight. Updated scan from the original transparency.

Photo: Hamish Lindsay. Scan: Colin Mackellar.

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The Road

Sign on Apollo Road

The Station sign near the beginning of Apollo Road November 1970.

Transparency by Hamish Lindsay. Scan by Colin Mackellar.

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Sign on Apollo Road

The Station sign in 1971.

Photo: Tom Sheehan.

HSK sign 1971
The sign in October 1971.
Photo: Ken Mackellar.

Sign on Apollo Road

Here’s the sign during the Deep Space era.

Photo found in the Tidbinbilla archives.
iPhone copy (complete with reflections) by Colin Mackellar.

Sign and Light

Further up Apollo Road, the sign and flashing light in 1973.

Cars are waiting for the red light to stop flashing before they can proceed.

Photo: John Berry.

Page from Ed von Renouard’s scrapbook

The same spot – during the Apollo 14 mission in February 1971.

Click the image to see a page from Ed von Renouard’s scrapbook.

Station from main gate

A view from the main gate.

Larger, much larger.

Photo: Colin Mackellar, October 1971.

HSK from the cherrypicker

Looking north-east from the cherrypicker.
Dead Man’s Hill is the hill on the left.

Photo: Kaz Kijac. Scan: Alan Scheckenbach.
Large, Larger.

Passive Repeater

The passive repeater on Deadman’s Hill is arrowed.

Photo: Kaz Kijac.

HSK panorama

Here’s the photo above, combined with another taken from the cherrypicker on opening day.

Large, Larger.

Composite by Colin Mackellar.

Apollo Road from Antenna

The Apollo Road as viewed from the sub reflector.

Click for a larger version – you can just make out the passive repeater (the microwave link with Tidbinbilla) on the right hand side of Deadman’s Hill (the hill at left).

Photo: Alan Foster. Scan: John Saxon


The Antenna

The HSK Antenna

The Honeysuckle antenna, 1971.

Photo: Tom Sheehan, 22 April 1971.


The Operations Building

Operations Building 1978

The Operations Building viewed from the southern side of the Antenna, January 1978.

Photo by Rhelma Lawrence, scan by Nevil Eyre.