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(While not exactly “technical”, this light-hearted piece from Laurie Turner fits best here...)

The Parable of HOD

Laurie Turner

Laurie Turner

And so it came to pass that in the station of Honeysuckle Creek the weary laid down their HODs and lifted their voices in prayer towards the offices from which all things begin.

And as the slaves of HOD assembled in prayer, there ariseth a great clamour, weeping and lamentation; for they are weary of limb, heavy of eye, and sore of feet, for their toils have been indeed been great. Surely, now, the King of Operations will give them a rest. Then, there is a great hush, for the hallowed portals of the great offices open, and the King of Operations and his disciples come forth from their sanctuary, and don their dark glasses, for lo, the Sun is painful even unto them.

And a disciple steps forth and speaketh unto them of the overtime and calleth on the Slaves of HOD to give freely and cheerfully of their labours; for the overtime effort surpasseth all things.

And another disciple cometh forth and speaketh in riddles of reports and analysis and of manhours and of the glories of the system.

Then there is a great hush, for the King himself cometh forth to speak and he sayeth unto them, “Return ye to your labours, and if the HOD be a great success, surely as Apollo endeth, ye shall have your reward.”

And one of the braver of the Slaves ariseth and maketh great harangue and speaketh to the King, and the King became exceedingly wroth and speaketh in thunderous voice, and the Slavers of HOD whimper and quake in their tracks, for their fear is great. For the King sayeth, “Be thou accursed – for thine ingratitude is great.” And the Slaves of HOD whimper and murmur, “Yea, verily, we are of the accursed.”

And the King speaketh yet again, “Hear my judgment, for ye are of the unfortunate. Ye shall henceforth give twice as many inputs to the HOD, and ye shall forage through the NOD for new ideas. And I shall send my inspectors to work mischief among thy people, and harass and spy upon thee. Yea, verily, thou shalt come to know the torment of the time cards.”

And the Slaves of the HOD rend their clothing and sit in ashes and plead for mercy, but the King is ever unforgiving.

Then the King of Operations, and his disciples turn away from their place and go thence into the places under which rivers of spirits flow and abide therein during the dark hours.

And the Slaves of HOD returneth to their tasks to provide more inputs and one sayeth, “Yea, verily, Hell is our heritage and we must abide therein.”

Laurie Turner, Telemetry