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John Gorton at HSK 21 July 1969

Prime Minister John Gorton in the Operations Building,
just after the Apollo 11 landing, and just before the Moonwalk
Monday 21 July 1969.

Many Honeysuckle people can be seen at the consoles in this silent news footage from the ABC.

To download the 4 minute 14MB MPEG4 file to your hard disk, Right click (Win) or Control click (Mac) on the image above.

(See also Gorton’s visit.)

Watch the 5 minute address given by Stan Lebar
to the Apollo veterans assembled in Canberra, 16th March 2006.

Stan Lebar speaking at the kunch

This MPEG4 video file is 19.5MB in size.

Recorded by Colin Mackellar.

ABC Stateline ACT 01 Sept 2006

On Friday September 1st 2006,
the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ACT edition of Stateline featured a segment on Honeysuckle Creek and “The Missing Moon Tapes”.

The Producer, Geoff Crane, and ABC Stateline ACT have kindly made this 13 minute segment available for the website.

See it as a 35MB MP4 video file.

Nevil Eyre encoded the segment as a 16.5MB Windows Media file.


More video to come!

Higher quality versions of any of the video on this page is available on request for Honeysuckle veterans. :-)

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