A TWX (pronouned ‘twix’) was a network teletype message. In the days before e-mail, TWX’s were used to pass on all sorts of messages to the tracking station network.

Many of the TWXs may also be found on this website linked with their relevant missions. Here, we’ve divided them into two groups – Operational and Non-Operational.

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Operational TWXs


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Non-Operational TWXs

Principles of Communication

Principles of Communications

Principles of Communications
(or I’m Alright at the Test Jack)

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John Saxon has scanned in this classic TWX,
“written at Sydney Video during the Apollo 15 mission” – August 1971.



Leaving the MSFN / STADAN

On 20 December 1973, only five years after the triumphant Apollo 8 flight, this TWX was sent to the network
– it pays tribute to many with whom the Honeysuckle team worked over those years.

(Also in the Apollo missions section.)

God rest ye merry

Honeysuckle’s Station Director, Don Gray, commissioned this Ode to be sent to the Network at Christmas 1973. He writes,

“On this bitter/sweet occasion of our last Christmas as a member of the STDN I have commissioned the following ode to commemorate the days of our manned flight glory, and to pay tribute to all those people with whom we have worked over the years.”

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Scanned by John Saxon.


At the switch to the DSN – February 1974


A TWX from Network Operations Control Center.

Last TWX

From Station Director Don Gray.

Chris Kraft twx

From Flight Director Chris Kraft.