Stills from ABC-TV footage

All except one of these stills are from Australian Broadcasting Commission black and white news film.

Most appears to have been shot around 1967, though some scenes are from a 1969 report.

John Saxon obtained the tape from the ABC.

The identity of a few people is a bit uncertain – so any corrections would greatly appreciated.

Click on each image for a larger version.


Roy Benson

From left Berkeley Lewis (USB Engineer) Roy Benson (First USB Supervising Engineer), Ian Anderson (USB technician) Wes Moon (First Chief Engineer)

Roy Benson

?Ross Barnes

From left Alan Foster, Peter Cohn and Ross Barnes (?)

Ross Barnes (?)


John Crowe

Berkeley Lewis

John Crowe (TLM Supervising Engineer) with PCM TLM equipment.

John Saxon & Ken Lee
Ken Lee and Wes Moon

Ken Lee (background) and John Saxon
(This is from 1969 footage: compare the earlier version of the Ops console in the picture to the right.)

Ken Lee (Ops Supervisor) and Wes Moon


Laurie Turner
Laurie Turner
Laurie Turner
in front of Mincom M22 recorder

John Mitchell

Brian Bell




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