The “Honeysuckle Alphabet”


With thanks to Bernard Smith for the words.

(Does anyone have a recording of this classic HSK song?)

A’s for Antenna; Watch Servo perspire
while Michael and John tell him how to acquire.

B is for bottleneck, like TSS.
But what they do down there is anyone’s guess.

C is for configs, confusion is spread
’til we can display the config in Ops’ head,

D is for Delta: we listen with awe
to quick briefings lasting ten minutes or more.

E is for early, that’s when 2CA
gives transport lists, rosters and soup of the day.

F is for fingers, that prime source of fun,
fail CADFISS, drop lock, and go out on Net 1.

G is for Goddard; at night NST
got cleaners to answer our RIC 33.

H is for HOD; of knowledge the fount
In tablets of stone, carried down from the mount.

I is for inputs, they’re useless we find
Unless they agree with the thoughts in Ops’ mind.

J is for justice, promotional kind,
If you have a problem, we’ll keep you in mind.

K for Komputers: Their histries will tell
that they can kompute as well as we spell.

L is for Len.

M is for Mother, the guardian of K
We do not suggest that he made them this way.

N is for night shift, most patient of types
who never complain, never give us their gripes.

O is for Ops 1, known also as God,
Director of Station and author of HOD.

P is for Parkes – Quite useless you see,
for providing the source of the LEM BUV.

Q is for Quindar. Contingency key
is done by Ops only and not USB.

R is for Replay. Recorders do this
Expensive equipment to reproduce hiss.

S is for sadness, sickness and sim
We’re bound to get more, so the outlook is grim.

T is for titles. The one that we fear
is “Special Assistant to Chief Engineer”.

U is for utter, and that’s all that’s done
by people promoted to USB1.

V is for Video, colour pix too,
You ask him for yellow and he’ll give you blue.

W is for Window, that you can see through
The one we refer to is USB 2.

X is for Xerox, a handy machine
for copying pictures – mostly obscene.

Y is for yellow. Our hard hats we wish
were proof against RF and falls from the dish.

Z is for zig zag, config board will show
the knicker elastic directs way to go.