El Rissole floor show

With thanks to Bernard Smith for the words.

This song dates from some time before August 1967.

The El Rissole floor show starts 6:00 into this 7.3Mb mp3 file.

They’re testing in U.S.B.,
They’re sleeping in Comms,
While telemetry works overtime,
And computers play cards.

Bryan Lowe is our leader,
And a fine chap is he,
The only thing we use him for
Is making the tea.

Bert Forsyth helps Bryan Lowe
To run this station,
But Bert cannot make good tea,
So he takes round the buns.

Johnny Matthews is M & O,
Will someone tell him
If this station is to operate,
We’ll need some more men.

Wes Moon goes to Melbourne,
He drives a fast car,
If we have our way in this
We’ll see he goes far.

Ken Lee is a bonza chap,
Never stuck for a joke,
If they put him on television,
The censors would choke.

Roy Benson runs U.S.B.,
Well that’s what he says,
But some of us aren’t sure of this.
For at transport he plays.

John Crowe runs telemetry,
And the room down the hall,
And Wally and Peter
Are climbing the wall.